New laws come into action today globally


An incandescent lightbulb: illegal to be manufactured for all retailers across Canada from today.

Every new year’s day, it it common for new laws, bylaws, appointments, rules and regulations to come into force. Hooray! Let’s talk about some C-places where the rules have been renewed.

Good thing we all did our partying yesterday, eh? Otherwise we’d be in some big trouble.

Though not if you were smoking cannabis recreationally in Colarado on your new year’s eve: if you were enjoying some pot for purposes other than medicinal before the ball dropped, I’m afraid you were in breach of state law. I’m sure you feel great shame. Today you can buy it however, from licensed stores and growers so visit your nearest dispensary today (there are 500 in Colorado).

To Canada, where incandescent light bulbs can no longer be sold. Retailers can sell the remaining stocks of 75-and 100-watt light bulbs before offering only  light bulbs without wasted heat energy. In a move to promote environmental consciousness and to lower energy bills, the federal phase-out of 60, 40, and those 75 and 100-watt light bulbs will follow the provincial ruling of British Columbia, and line Canada up on green issues with the US and much of Europe.

And in California, it is now illegal to harass celebrities and their children with long-lens cameras.

The Chinese border with Taiwan has been relaxed in order to promote tourism and cross-strait ties. It’ll also mean married couples halved between the mainland and the island will get to see each other more frequently.

Not to leave out care. Healthcare, that is; or Obamacare as it’s known. From today’s launch, hundreds of thousands of Americans are insured for healthcare, testing a system which had a difficult start, not to mention that website scandal we all endured.

So if you think you’re waking up to a new world in 2014, a world which has changed considerably when the clock struck midnight, you’re right. The world has shifted; but only slightly.